Progenic is the name for our extruded sheets of rigid PVC (PVC-U), containing no plasticizer and no fillers. The sheets are produced from unplasticised moulding materials according to DIN EN ISO 1163-1.They conform to the technical supply conditions of DIN EN ISO 11833-1.

The material corresponds to the following moulding compound:

DIN EN ISO 1163-1 - PVC-U, EC, 082 - 05 – T33

 Characterizing features:

 - High rigidity and strength compared with other thermoplastics

- Normal impact strength

- High chemical resistance

- Can be vacuum-formed

- Good adhesive properties

- Can be welded and thermoformed

- Flame resistant, Fire behaviour Class DIN 4101-B1 (1 to 4 mm thickness)

- Easy processing

Physical Properties

The physical data given in the table were determined on the test specimens under defined conditions and represent averages values from a relatively large number of measurements. The values measured on test specimens can’t be used without restriction for a prediction of the properties of finished articles, since processing and shaping have an influence on the properties.

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Stericlad Premium

Stericlad provides high quality cladding solutions using sheet, profiles and fixings manufactured to exacting and recognised European Standards. The Stericlad Premium offers maximum protection in high risk areas, for instance, Operating Theatres, Surgeries, and ICU, against infections caused by bacteria and viruses such as MRSA, Clostridum Difficile, E Coli and Aspergillus Niger.

  • Totally resistant to bacteria
  • Kills 99.7% MRSA (Test Method AATCC 100 and JIS Z 2801:2000)
  • Kills 99.99% E. Coli (Test Method AATCC 100 and JIS Z 2801:2000)
  • Kills 99.99% Aspergillus Niger (Test Method AATCC 100 and JIS Z 2801:2000)
  • 20 Times more scratch resistant than conventional PVC

The Stericlad can be fixed directly to most substrates that are dry and sealed and have a flat service. It can be post formed on site for internal and external corners and once installed cleaning is with a soft cloth and a suitable diluted detergent.

It is available in sizes 2440mm x 1220mm x 2.5mm and 3050mm x 1220mm x 2.5mm with a colour range at present of white, cream, blue and green with a satin finish.


Specific Gravity 1.45 g/cm3 Din 53479
Flexural Strength at 3.5% >80 N/mm2 Iso 178
Izod Impact Strength >5 KJ/m2 Iso 179/1eA
Co-efficient Linear Expansion 70 x 10 – 6/˚C Din 53752 - A
Thermal Conductivity .016 W/K.m  
Low Surface Tension <18 mN/m  
Fire Rating Class 1 BS 476 Pt 7

Stericlad Premium is the ultimate cladding sheet for critical medical applications. Nano-particles of silver-ions integral with the manufacturing process interfere with nutrient take up of bacteria such as MRSA and E Coli causing them to die, with test results showing a reduction of 99.99%.

Silver-ions are neither anti-biotic nor biocide and because of this E Coli and other bacteria can not become resistant.

Stericlad Premium has a working temperature up to 60º C and may be easily fabricated including heat forming.

Typical applications are high risk areas; operating theatres, surgery rooms, nursing homes and pharmaceutical applications.

A dedicated range of profiles and fixings are available which are compatible with Stericlad Premium and provide the same level of antimicrobial protection.



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